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Mobile 2D Code Payment: What Is The Difference Between The Scanning And Scanned?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-11 | Views:379

Two-dimensional code payment in the acceptance of the way the “scanning mode” and “scanned mode.” The so-called scanning and scanned, the difference is that the two-dimensional code contains the information subject is different.

Scanning is the receipt code, two-dimensional code to provide business information, consumers use mobile phone scanning payment. At present, the market some of the traditional offline payment, the company is currently used by the company is mostly scan mode, through the full payment system for the business-specific two-dimensional code for scanning operations.There are several problems with this model:

1, Security can not be guaranteed.

Hackers through the user to scan the payment of the client to insert malicious code, the transaction data tampering, so that the flow of funds flow to hackers, not to businessmen. Once the user has scanned the virus two-dimensional code, his personal information may be completely exposed, resulting in property damage.


For example, the ofo bike “small yellow car” two-dimensional code change events, liar homemade two-dimensional code (insert malicious code, the transaction data tampering), cover the original two-dimensional code to cheat the user registration deposit.

2, Need network support

Users need to use their own data network to open the APP to scan the payment, because of the different phone and different network conditions, poor payment experience.

Scanned, is the payment code, two-dimensional code to provide consumer information, businesses use the scanning gun scan money collection. At present, the domestic chain of retailers super, self-service payment terminals, bus payment terminals, subway access gates and other applications are used scanned mode. This model from the technical level can bring a more secure payment experience, compared to the scanning mode obvious advantages.

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1, Reduce security risks

Users only need to produce payment code, all payment operations by the business side to complete. Compared with the scanning, the scanned mode is strictly encrypted from the technical level, which reduces the possibility that the two-dimensional code is maliciously tampered with and protects the personal information.

2, Support no-network payment.

Users even if the data network is not open the case can still open the APP shows the payment code, provided to businesses to complete the transaction code, more convenient.

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