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Upgrade The POS Terminal Scan Mobile Phone Alipay Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-10 | Views:525

Recently, Jiangsu Province, Fan Chuan Wuhan ship lock open phone WeChat, Alipay scan code payment to through the gate, safe and fast operation, no longer have the worry that forgets carry enough cash or forgets the bank.

Upgrade The POS Terminal Scan Mobile Phone Alipay Payment

It is more convenient, quicker and more secure for the crew to through the gate.
According to reports, Fan Chuan ship gate in the implementation of POS machine credit card basis, continue to promote the “Internet + traffic” in the use of the ship gate management, in the ticket window to upgrade the installation of POS terminals, the addition of two-dimensional code reader integrated scan payment channels. The crew only need to upgrade the ticket POS machine scan the phone pay treasure, WeChat payment code, you can complete payment to through gate.

I often through Fan Chuan ship gate, last year began to use the bank card to payment, and now you can use the phone to pay, ashore without cash, both safe and fast, through the ship gate is indeed more and more convenient. Crew Mr. Xu said.

upgrade the installation of POS terminals, the addition of two-dimensional code reader integrated scan payment channels.

The upgraded POS machine terminal combined with the ship gate ticket system, through the embedded two-dimensional code reader module to integrate two-dimensional code automatic identification technology and mobile Internet technology, optimize the ticket window operation process, to achieve the crew mobile phone scanning payment at the same time, to further improve the efficiency of ship lock management.

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