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If The Manual Check-in Is Annoying, How About RD4100 Scanner To Scan Sign In?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-17 | Views:550

A conference attendance, first checks the invitation, after the fill in the card, not only operational trouble but also cost of manpower and resources, the focus is that guests have to queue long attendance, really wronged! Since the manual check-in so not good, why not try RD4100 scanner scan two-dimensional code sign it? 

Meeting Attendance

RD4100 scanner with the meeting two-dimensional code sign to the system, open the Internet era meeting ticket new skills. The organizers through the two-dimensional code sign to the system for the guests to customize the exclusive two-dimensional code invitation letter sent to the guest phone, or open the WeChat public number “on-site invitation” channel, the guests concerned about the public number can enter the personal information to obtain the two-dimensional code.

On-site check-in, RD4100 scan terminal and computer software system connection, give full play to sweep identification and data transmission performance, sweep guest phone two-dimensional code invitation to complete the sign, while the database in real time record guests sign information.


RD4100 scan code is the convenience, not only saving paper invitation customization/mail and hand-signed into the card’s cumbersome process but also increasing the check-in efficiency, reduce management difficulty, and help enterprises to maximize cost savings. At present, the product has been fully promoted to the market, welcome customers need to inquire!

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