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Community Vegetable Vending Machine Mobile Payment Solution
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2016-11-15 | Views:793

First, the program background

Vegetable vending machine is the market demand and launched a new type of trafficking. It can provide fresh vegetables every day and placed in the community within 24 hours for the public to provide fast, convenient, fresh vegetables.

Vegetable vending machine

However, with the development of mobile payment diversification, APP payment as a mobile payment era of the product has become a trend, by young consumers. This phenomenon to make the only support the cash payment system, the convenience of self-service terminal greatly reduced.

Second, demand analysis

1, To meet consumer preferences for payment

Mobile Internet era, with the smart phone and two-dimensional code technology development, to pay for the APP on behalf of the mobile payment gradually recognized. Supermarkets, shopping malls, small vendors have opened sweep code payment services. For young people, the mobile payment has become a solution to "forget the wallet" and "did not bring enough money"

2, Member management, data analysis functional requirements

The traditional cash register system of self-service terminals has no function of member marketing analysis. Therefore, self-service terminal operators need a membership system to fill the vending machine's member management system gaps.

self-service terminal operators

Third, the solution

Community self-service terminal mobile payment solution: through the introduction of bar code automatic identification technology and APP payment technology, combined with LV4500R mobile two-dimensional code scanning module, expanding self-service terminal payment system, integrated member marketing capabilities for community residents to facilitate the payment service,at the same time, improve operational efficiency! Program flow is as follows:

1, Cashier system docking APP payment: vending machine system docking APP payment interface, to provide customers with a variety of payment methods, while enhancing customer experience;

2, Self-service terminal to expand scanning code payment function: vending machine payment scanning window, embedded LV4500R mobile two-dimensional code scanner module, the integration of barcode automatic identification technology, expanding card vouchers, sweep code payment function;

3, The terminal appearance of printing on the mobile payment process: self-service vending machine printing on the APP to pay the operating procedures to enhance the consumer shopping experience;

LV4500R mobile two-dimensional code scanner module

Fourth, the program benefits

1, APP payment operation is convenient

Self-service terminal scan window embedded mobile phone 2D code scanning module, integrated APP sweep payment function,pursue of "no paper-money" green form of operation, not only to optimize the operation process, but also to avoid forgotten or lost wallet;

2, Members of precision marketing to improve efficiency

APP service window platform member management system, to complete the payment can enjoy the benefits of electronic membership card service, the customer can automatically enjoy the second time consumption discount members; push messaging system, business information can be 100% of the arrival rate to the members of the mobile phone , So that customers know the first time about promotion of business information, contributed to the secondary consumption.

Sixth, recommended products

LV4500R embedded two-dimensional code scanning head, using independent research and development of intelligent core decoding technology, can read the phone screen and paper documents on the barcode information; core function modular design, Access control and other terminals of the perfect embedded.

1, For self-service equipment customization: embedded metal shell design, tailored specifically for all types of self-help equipment.

2, Speed sensing and precision scanning: In standby or sleep mode, when the scanned object near the scanning window, the device instantly start and read quickly.

3, Excellent screen code reading ability: the barcode for the screen to do special adjustments can be adapted to the minimum brightness and various types of large data screen barcode;

4, The interface: to provide USB and TTL-232 interface, to meet the needs of more interfaces.

5, Green low power consumption: the use of independent core technology, greatly reducing operating power consumption and extend equipment life.

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