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Hotel Self-Service Mobile Payment Solutions
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2016-11-04 | Views:871

    Hotel self-service mobile payment scheme, through a combination of soft and hard to expand a range of self-service function modules, changing the traditional manual management mode, for business travelers to provide "online booking choice number, 30 seconds into the hotel, check out 30 seconds "Service, in order to achieve efficient hotel information management.

Hotel self-service mobile payment scheme

Program structures:

1, the hardware: hotel self-check machine

Scanning window: hotel check-in machine window, embedded LV4500R mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning module, the integration of bar code automatic identification technology, expanding card vouchers, sweep code payment function;

2, the software: hotel self-help open room system

Hotel Reservation: Hotel self-help open system docking travel service platform, enter the online market at the same time, for business travelers to provide online booking service;

Operating Procedures:

1, the hotel occupancy

(1)Phone reservations

Through the mobile phone booking of guests, just in the self-service terminal as long as the choice of "Internet access room card" and brush phone reservations order's two-dimensional code, after the success of the sweep code can get the door card;


1.Room selection: the use of self-service check-in machine, first select the "individual stay", the selection of room type, enter the number of days stay;

2.Identity registration: in the induction area brush resident ID card, enter the Check-in's information.

3.Swipe payment: confirm the system shows the room information and the amount required to pay, select the payment method;

4.Pick up the lock card: the success of payment, self-service machine out of the door lock card, print voucher; operation is completed, holding the door lock card to their own rooms!

2, the hotel check out

Check out the room, in the self-service terminal, select "Checkout Check out", insert the room card, confirm the check-in time, consumer bills and other information, select the payment method to complete the payment to check out;

Program advantages:

1, self-service intelligent management mode: booking, check-in, check-out about full self-help, changed the traditional manual management mode, saving the hotel's labor costs, reducing the waiting time, fashion, intelligence, convenient and private;

2, the phone sweep code, efficient and convenient: the hotel check-in window scan machine built-in mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning module, integrated credit card verification and sweep code payment function.Business guests regardless of check the network of orders, or pay a deposit, clearing room rates, can be completed by scanning;

3, reduce costs, refuse mistakes: 24-hour all-weather self-service, is bound to reduce the hotel front desk staff and man-made operational errors to the adverse effects of the hotel and drive the hotel operating costs, while improving hotel services and core competitiveness.

LV4500R embedded two-dimensional code scanning module

Products Recommended:

     LV4500R embedded two-dimensional code scanning module, using self-developed intelligent core decoding technology, can read the phone screen and paper documents barcode information;The core function of modular design, can be achieved with the channel gates, intelligent access control, self-service terminals and other terminals of the perfect embedded.

1, For self-service equipment customization: embedded metal shell design, tailored specifically for all types of self-help equipment.

2, Speed sensing and precision scanning: In standby or sleep mode, when the scanned object near the scanning window, the device instantly start and read quickly.

3, Excellent screen code reading ability: the barcode for the screen to do special adjustments can be adapted to the minimum brightness and various types of large data screen barcode;

4, the interface: to provide USB and TTL-232 interface, to meet the needs of more interfaces.

5, green low power consumption: the use of independent core technology, greatly reducing operating power consumption and extend equipment life.

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