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Passport Reader - PR100 Full-page, Multi-illumination E-Passport Scanner
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-10-29 | Views:359
Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., ltd  has been committed to automatic identification for more than 10 years, and continuously launched products, which can be upgraded, innovated and applied to various industries according to the market, and customers can choose according to different demands. 

With the change of people's lifestyle, people are more and more inclined to travel, especially going abroad. So passport is very important in many areas around the world. In traditional way, visitor info. Need to record by labor. So there are wrong recording. Considering this situations, Rakinda Technology Co., ltd keeps pace with time and develop new product: Passport reader-PR100.

The PR100 is a full-page, multi-illumination e-Passport reader. Contactless reader. It provides perfect solutions for scanning passport, e-passport, visa and other Electronic Documents & Paper Documents, ISO14443 TYPE A/B/C & NFC smart card, which make it can be applied to the variety of industries.

Printed data is extracted from the entire data page, from MRZ (1~3 Line), OCR and 1D(Code 128, Code 39, EAN, UPC), 2D(QR,PDF417, Data Matric Aztec )barcode, while digital data from contactless ICs. Multiple illumination sources: visible, IR and UV are available. And It is widely used for applications such as Customs, Border crossings,Electronic ID,e-Passport,e-Banking,e-Commerce,Duty-Free Shop,Travel agency, Hotel,Consulate… And so on.
Passport Reader - PR100 Full-page, Multi-illumination E-Passport Scanner
Key Features:
1. Captures high-resolution images in multiple wavelengths – Visible, IR and UV
2. Reads MRZ from ICAO 9303 compliant documents, including passports, e-Passports, ID cards and visas as well as Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macao……
3. Reads 1D/2D barcodes from smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and paper-based documents
4. Easily control: automatically trigger
5. Support Firmware Upgradeable, SDK offered

A variety of barcode scanner module that Rakinda Technology can provide and easily to be embedded . As Rakinda Technology has more than 18-year manufacturing experience for bar code scanner, which already has professional research and development team. More details , pls contact us!

Shenzhen RAKINDA Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development of smart card hardware and software systems, production, sales and operations in one of the national high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in city card, park area, retail businesses, parking fees, government platforms and other consumer areas. With years of focus on management, innovation and development, the company in the industry.

Has a wide range of customer base and industry reputation, to achieve the city card applications and urban bus intelligent scheduling management. RAKINDA engaged in barcode technology research and development for more than 18 years, we have a mature R & D team and overseas markets, we can help you quickly and easily realize unattended dream.
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