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RD-BT Multi-function Bluetooth Scanner
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-08-16 | Views:451
First, the industry background:
Under the promotion of mobile information technology and the development of 4G mobile communication technology, the problems of insufficient application of mobile terminals in government and enterprise units and single function mode have become increasingly prominent, restricting the mobile information management process of government and enterprise units.

Second, the demand analysis:
Break through the bottleneck of mobile information terminal application and improve the mobile information management mode.
The mobile terminals (mobile phones, tablets) commonly used by government and enterprise units lack professional data collection functions in government and enterprise industries, which cannot meet the needs of personalized data collection applications; the anti-drop performance does not meet the needs of industrial applications, and the use is easy to break; the battery life is short. , restricted the continuous use of government and enterprise industries for more than 8 hours.

Third, the program overview
In response to the development needs of government and enterprise units, Shenzhen RAKINDA and mobile phone tablet solution providers have launched a set of mobile information management solutions, through the mobile phone multi-function Bluetooth back clip + smart phone tablet, combined with government and enterprise industry application APP software, to help the government and enterprise industry Realize mobile office and improve efficiency.
RD-BT Multi-function Bluetooth Scanner
Rakinda mobile phone multi-function Bluetooth scanner RD-BT has several advantages below: 
1: The function can be freely customized (RFID reading, barcode scanning,), and the mobile phone and tablet function short board can be completed;
2: Recyclable, not limited to the model, the card holder can be freely replaced, can adapt to all kinds of upgraded mobile phones/tablets, greatly reducing the update cost;

3: Charging treasure function, built-in 1500mAh battery, extending the movement time; can adapt to a variety of upgraded mobile phones / tablets, greatly reducing the cost of renewal

Through the smart phone/tablet + multi-function data collection back clip, the new demand for mobile informationization in the government and enterprise industry is realized, and the short board of the mobile phone/tablet in data collection is complemented, which greatly improves the flexibility of the customer to select the smart terminal and saves the project implementation cost, effectively avoiding customers' concerns about step-by-step implementation and subsequent maintenance due to the fast iteration of mobile/tablet updates.

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