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PCB Lasered Engraved 2D Barcode Scanner Recommendation
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-05-02 | Views:682
Because laser barcode is special, and bar code scanning guns brand is various, for the average users scan gun, gun scan if you don't have certain professional knowledge and related experience, you'll choose laser bar code scanning guns and feel do not know how to start.The Rakinda LV3000U industrial 2D barcode scanner can easily identify laser laser 2D code. And it can be installed in your device.

Maybe some users are not familiar with the laser barcode, so we can introduce it briefly.
Laser barcode can be divided into etching, lithography, special printing and so on. Lithography laser barcode scene can be produced, use more convenient, but its production is limited by a certain base material, read rate is not high, read speed is low, the cost is higher, if the image complex, its production speed will be slow. The laser barcode of special printing is the opposite of the laser barcode, but its wear resistance is low.
PCB Lasered Engraved 2D Barcode Scanner Recommendation
The most common is asset management, automatic control, management, test automation management in areas such as auto production line, such as in automobile, motorcycle, bicycle traffic tools used for registration, charge, security, etc.; And for catering kitchen utensils and appliances, electricity, chemical plants, steel mills, mechanical products, electronic products, medical equipment, pressure vessels, weapons, important business licenses, credit card, security registration, etc.

The Rakinda LV3000U fixed mount barcode scanner can scan the barcode on the PCB, and after the test, we can easily read the laser qr code on the PCB board after setting the reverse identification.
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