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Happy Birthday! Rakinda Turns 18
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Established in 2000, Rakinda turns 18 in the year of 2018. Since barcode was officially used in 1952, several decades has been passed. Rakinda has been devoted to barcode area technology for 18 years. If you are just starting your career in barcode world, or get to use barcode technology, please follow me to know some basic information about barcode technology and its history.

rakinda barcode scanners

What is barcode?
When speaking of barcode, two kinds of code will appear. The conventional one is linear code, which is a symbol represented by a series of varying width parallel bars and spaces. Data is encoded into the width, height or position patterns. In terms of value, the barcode have a real practical impact – increase the productivity, lower costs, etc. Therefore, we define the barcode as an automatic identification technology that allows real-time data to be accurately and rapidly collected. 1D code has limits on the content, so 2D code (QR code invented by Japanese Denso; PDF417 invented by American Symbol; Data Matrix invented by American ID Matrix) appeared. Comparing 1D code, 2D code can contain more information.

Barcode Printer
Traditionally, most barcodes are printed, although in some industry applications hi-tech methods, such as chemical etching, laser engraving, molding, mechanical peening, etc are used.
Nowadays, E-code on smart phone, especially qr code is widely used. With the popularity of e-code, people can more enjoy the convenience of barcode technology.

Barcode Readers
What is a barcode reader? A barcode reader often referred to as a barcode scanner is a hardware device that is used to extract the information encoded in the symbol and convert it into digital data recognized by the computer.
According to its application, we have embedded type barcode reader and desktop/handheld barcode reader. According to barcode material, we have different barcode reader to scan printed code or phone screen code.

Happy Birthday! Rakinda Turns 18

If you are interested in barcode reader, please kindly contact Rakinda to know more. We will offer the best solution for you.

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