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Rakinda Launches a New Megapixel Model: LV3000U Fixed Mount Scanner
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-27 | Views:700

Rakinda has been focusing on megapixel product line to meet customers’ various demanding requirement. Now the brand-new fixed mount barcode scanner LV3000U comes.
As an upgraded version of LV3000R (which has very good market feedback since its release), LV3000U is suitable for self-service, O2O (online and offline) and other Kiosk projects. LV3000U also uses rugged and durable structure of LV3000R, with an IP54 grade and drop resistant (1.5m) housing. LV3000U is armed with megapixel barcode scan engine and additional sensors, and its scanning performance is greatly promoted. The combination of IR sensor/ light sensor guarantees an improved sensitivity. With its automatic exposure control, LV3000U scanner can read barcodes even in complete darkness or direct sunlight in outdoor. It is free from external light condition impact. In addition, the highly visible laser aimer is available as an option for customers who request clear and accurate aiming.

For customers who already used LV3000R scanner, they can change to LV3000U with little effort owing to its plug-and-play feature, easy installation design and compatibility. LV3000U performs great when reading printed barcodes. LV3000U barcode scanner provides a reliable and easy-to-use barcode scanning solution for self-service kiosk, such as boarding terminal, bus pos kiosk, turnstile, access control system, etc.

Rakinda Launches a New Megapixel Model: LV3000U Fixed Mount Scanner

The LV3000U is available for sale now. Please contact us to get more information about the new scanner.
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