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Big Good News for Small Codes
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-12 | Views:580

Does size matter? In barcode industry, YES! Tiny size 1D or 2D code can be a challenge when placing barcodes or Data Matrix Symbols on different components. With the development of laser printing technology, the ability to print smaller and smaller codes onto a variety of surfaces via DPM (Direct Part Mark) and 2D symbols also advances. The size of the code, the type of material it is printed on and the curvature of the surface are huge factors when trying to read tiny codes and keep costs down. Even if you have the space to place a tiny code, what scanner are you using to read it?

While visiting customers at their factory automation and production lines, we continuously heard the same problem: “I cannot read or decode this tiny barcode.” Readable barcodes are critical to component traceability, time/date stamping, work in progress (WIP) tracking, and recall management. It is critically important to have the ability to reliably and consistently read tiny codes. Our solution to this problem comes. LV3396 2D scanner will be a perfect solution to scan small code. Its precision can be up to 3mil. LV3396 2D barcode scanner has crosshair laser aiming to ensure fast scan and accurate reading. In terms of both cost and performance, it is also a good choice to scan small printed paper code or screen code.

lv3396 barcode scan engine Big Good News for Small Codes

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