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LV3000U Fixed Scanner Module Fit for High-Temperature Application
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-07 | Views:540

Rakinda newly launches robust LV3000U 2D fixed mount barcode scanner module for a wide range of manufacturing environments and processes. This high-temperature scanner is designed for temperate from minus 20 cents degrees to 60 cents degrees.
Identification systems using barcodes or RFID tags are used for the automated manufacture of many products. In certain manufacturing operations or applications, high temperatures are encountered in solutions.

These applications place heavy demands on barcode scanner. The high-temperature identification system uses a two-dimensional code. The symbology can be either an industry standard and recognized Data Matrix code or QR code, PDF417 or Aztec code. Dirt or pain on code does not affect readability because the contrast is optimized by using integrated infrared lighting.

LV3000U Fixed Scanner Module Fit for High-Temperature Application

LV3000U Scanner Features:
Heat-resistant for temperatures from -20 °C to 60 °C
Fast scanning speed up to 20 decodes per seconds
Ideally suited for paper ticket machine, turnstile, vending machine, access control system, etc.
Enables consistent identification throughout the production process
Simple connection to all common controllers
Simple installation
One-piece housing design, no additional components

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Rakinda was established in 2000. Its main business covers core technology in barcode scanning industry. We have offered barcode scanning solutions for many customers in China and more in overseas customers, such as Mexico, USA, Australia, Poland, Russia, Brasil, India, etc. We are willing to cooperate with you to lead the barcode scanner application. Please join us to know more about latest barcode scanner technology.

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