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Difference Between The Data Collector And The Scanner
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-29 | Views:453

There are a lot of people who buy data collectors and scanners go back, but do not know what is the difference between them, we talk about the difference between the data collector and the scanner:
1. Barcode data acquisition, commonly known as inventory the machine. There is memory, you can not connect to the computer to use, with the computer’s distance is unlimited, even in different cities can use the Internet. Scanned data is first stored in the memory collector, and then through the transmission base or GPRS or wireless WIFI data transfer on the computer server for batch processing. Second, the collector has a large screen, you can always see the barcode scanning information. Finally, the collector has a keyboard, if the barcode is wrong, or damaged cannot be scanned, you can use the keyboard input can be.

Data acquisition system is more flexible, is a system tailored specifically for the majority of users. Data collector is converted to a variety of physical quantities of electrical signals, temperature, water level, wind speed, pressure, etc. can be analog, it can be digital. acquisition is generally a sampling method, that is, at regular intervals on the same point of data repeated acquisition. Most of the data collected are instantaneous value, but also a period of time a feature value. Accurate data measurement is the basis of data acquisition. Data measurement methods are contact and non-contact, a variety of detection components. No matter what kind of methods and components, are without prejudice to the state of the measured object and the measurement environment to ensure the correctness of the data.

2. Barcode Scanner, also known as the scanner. No memory, just instant messaging. When the USB interface cable (or keyboard port, RS232 port) connected to the computer, scan a barcode, on your computer will immediately display a barcode data. Wireless scanners, also known as wireless scanners, although the computer can be used without connecting the case, the distance is limited. Usually at 100 meters, preferably without barriers. Second, the scanner has no screen. Scanner to be compiled in accordance with certain rules of the bar code into the user can understand, that is, the information contained in its own, need to go through both scanning and decoding process.

Difference Between The Data Collector And The Scanner

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