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An Excellent Laser Scanner Module Named LV3396
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-29 | Views:411

Barcode scanning module, also known as barcode scanning engine, is widely used in the field of automatic identification of the core identification components, it is barcode scanner secondary development of one of the key components, with a completely independent barcode scanning And decoding capabilities, and can be written on demand for a variety of industry applications function program, it has small size, high integration, can be easily embedded in mobile phones, tablet PCs, printers, pipeline equipment, medical equipment, and other equipment in. Barcode scanning module by scanning similar to the one-dimensional code module and two-dimensional code module, according to the light source can be divided into laser module and red light module.

The difference between the laser module and the red light module is that the principle of the laser scanning module is that a laser light source point is shot by an internal laser device and hit a reflective sheet with a mechanical structure device and then the laser point is swung to vibrate the laser point into a laser Line photos on the barcode and then decoded into digital signals AD. Red scanning module commonly used LED light-emitting diode light source, by CCD sensor, and then through the photoelectric signal conversion. Most of the laser scanning module by glue to fix the mechanical device, so it is often easy to damage the swing, swing off, so we can often see some of the laser guns after falling scan of the light source becomes a point, Resulting in a very high rework. The middle of the red scanning module has no mechanical structure, so the anti-throwing property is unmatched by laser, so the stability is better. The red scanning module repair rate is much lower than the laser scanning module.

An Excellent Laser Scanner Module Named LV3396

The laser is the radiation created by stimulated emission of light that is a fraction of the less frequent wavelength in the unobserved spectrum of the wavelength ranging from 0.76 to 400 microns depending on their wavelength and energy in bright red Light penetration and anti-interference than the laser is poor, so that outdoor laser in the bright light is better than the red.

LV3396 scan engine from Rakinda has is an excellent laser scanner module with highly visible laser aimer and outstanding Power Efficiency. The scan engine provides a laser-generated crosshair aiming pattern that is clear and bright even in bright sunlight, ensuring first-time accurate aim.The advanced high technology incorporated in the scan engine helps reduce the power consumption and prolong the service life of the device.

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