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Rakinda Barcode Scanner with Weigand
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-02 | Views:667

Commonly, USB and RS232 interface is popular for the scanners. But as for the turnstile, Weigand is used widely.
And our scanners are with USB and RS232 interface, the output of Turnstile is Weigand. How to solve this questions? There is one kind of converter turning RS232 into Weigand.

Rakinda Barcode Scanner with Weigand

We take the first 4 digits of the barcode and use thier ASCAII as the output of Weigand interface.
While one of my customer have special request about the converter. Their request is as follows:
1.    Take last 8 digits of the QR code, insert 0 in front if less than that.
2.    Number of Card ID bits ID
3.    First parity bit type
4.    Last parity bit type
5.    First parity bit range
6.    Last parity bit range
7.    Output in Wiegand 26, Pulse width 40µs, interval 2ms

Our engineer adjusts this converter on the request. While there are somethings need the attention, when connect the scanner and this Weigand board.
The power of scanner is 5V, but the power of Weigand Converter is 12V. So connect the Power GND of the scanner and this converter together, together, and then connect Power GND of the converter with turnstile Power GND together, finally connect all of them with the earth.

lv4500 series barcode scanner for price checker

And our LV4500 series barcode scanner is perfect to turnstile, access control system, Kiosk, Micro Kiosk, Price Checker; especially during the time of Alipay, ApplePay, Wechatpay becoming hot, the LV4500 series barcode scanners are with high quality to reading barcode on Ipad, Phone, Tablet’s Screen.

Any interest in barcode scanner with RS232 and USB and the Weigand Converter, please feel free to contact me.

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