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2D Barcode Reader Embedded Into Turnstile In Tourist Attractions
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-30 | Views:656
When visitors come to the entrance in attractions, the mountain visitors go to the ticket window and come up with mobile phones to generate a screen barcodes.The 2d barcode reader from turnstile read the screen bar code.So the visitors can easily enter the area through the turnstile.It does not matter that the middle-aged people do not use the smart phone,because the scenic spot’s volunteer will help them to operate it.
In addition,visitors can book tickets online in advance,after the booking successfully will generate a dedicated screen two-dimensional code from APP application software of mobile phone.In front of the kiosk ticket self-service machine, visitors can put the mobile phone two-dimensional code placed in the scanning window to identify the access information,and then the kiosk can quickly print out of printed small ticket.The visitors can walk into the tourist attractions with the small identify ticket.
It is understood that embedded 2d barcode reader is the key to the entire system and accurate identificate the information of visitors is the core content.
RAKINDA IOT company suggest a 2d barcode scanner with superb performance to be embedded into turnstile for access control.
2D Barcode Reader Embedded Into Turnstile In Tourist Attractions
RD4500R barcode reader has a interface is USB or RS232.It read printed or screen barcodes can reach 10mil. At the same time, small streamlined design, in addition to the perfect embedded in the various types of self-service machines to use,it also can be directly placed in the external to use,very nice.
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