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RAKINDA Company Travel In Danxia Mountain
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-30 | Views:597

In order to enhance the team building and communication of Staff ,the staff of RAKINDA company determine go to the Danxia mountain tourist attractions in September 20th, 2017, start corporate tourism activities!

Danxia mountain (China Redstone Park) is the world famous.It is made up of 680 numbers of steep red gravel rocks,with cliffs cliff. 7000 years ago, the rise of the earth crust and gradually eroded, the basin increased several times. the river erosion of the mountains,forming the current Danxia mountain. Since 1988,Danxia mountain has been included in the national scenic spots, by the tourists wide praise.

RAKINDA Company Travel In Danxia Mountain
We bravely face the rugged Danxia mountain,through our own strong and cooperation between partners,in the face of hot weather is not easy to give up. Just as we working together in the company,to achieve the company’s performance goals with strong perseverance.
We work together, and finally successfully climbed to the peak of the mountain! Greet us with a warm bonfire party and the party makes us feel very comfortable.We are sitting next to the campfire and talk about life’s interesting. Because we are willing to believe that the future will be better!
After two days of tourism activities, let us know more about the importance of the team,but also increase our knowledge of Danxia mountain. “RAKINDA”,let’s work hard together!

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