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Mobile Payment Platform MiMOBI URON and WeChat Pay Will have a cooperation in Australia
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-30 | Views:654

Australia’s Priority One Network Group’s global mobile payment platform, MiMOBI URON, has reached a milestone agreement with Paylinx, a local Chinese provider of WeChat Pay and its authorized local service provider. WeChat Pay will provide innovative payment methods for users of the platform in Australia and around the world.

The Greatreporter Network reported on the 7th, MiMOBI URON platform will be the first non-financial institution to pay for WeChat Pay in Australia. The platform will introduce WeChat Pay system to promote the business to Australia. The partnership will also extend to Priority One’s other partners and affiliates around the world.
It is understood that MiMOBI URON will join the WeChat Pay for the Australian and global businesses to provide more simple, accounting and safe payment. Under the agreement, with the help of Paylinx Financial, the two companies will work together to help Australians and visitors to pay for their purchases on the e-commerce website.
Mobile Payment Platform MiMOBI URON and WeChat Pay Will have a cooperation in Australia
The two companies will also strive to create a simple way to pay, allowing Chinese tourists and Chinese students to use WeChat to pay in the Australian store shopping. This cooperation is only the MiMOBI URON platform for micro-credit payment to provide additional mobile payment to support a series of initiatives in the first joint initiative.
Priority One intends to “URON” brand to become the world’s largest mobile and online payment platform that need be embedded with barcode scanner module.
WeChat is one of China’s largest social media handset applications (APP) and one of the world’s fastest growing companies with more than 800 million active users, and Priority One is excited about this business agreement with WeChat.
“We are pleased to be the first non-financial institution partner in Australia to use our partnership to lead the global e-commerce and sales platform,” said Tony Hedges, Executive Director of Priority One. “We will work together to create a partnership Out of an innovative way of payment. ”
Rakinda, a leading professional manufacturer of the barcode scan engines, can supply OEM bar code scanner engine for the mobile payment platform.
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