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PDA Reader for Inventory Barcode Solution Project
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-07-24 | Views:439

First, according to the customer has the database system for analysis, for each product to create a bar code to identify the bar code using a bar code printer to print, resulting in bar code serial number label, in each bar code should contain the product information. (Customized by the customer), can include the product name, specifications, quantity, bar code serial number, storage date and the date of the library and so on.

PDA Reader for Inventory Barcode Solution Project

Data collection, rakinda launched Android PDA terminal

In the purchase of storage time, the user needs to use barcode printer to print the batch of the product bar code label to complete the acquisition of its initial information, and then in the system of the receipt list in the serial number column directly scan the use of scanning Serial number label, when the purchase receipt is saved, the system automatically in the corresponding product inventory automatically increased.

PDA Reader for Inventory Barcode Solution Project

In the system of warehouse management, the first customer to complete the initial inventory management (initial information collection), when the purchase of goods automatically increased inventory, when the sale of the library, the system automatically reduce the inventory, and parity does not affect the entire inventory of the change, so the inventory can only be changed through the storage or out of the library, or can not be changed, and the administrator can always check the specific model of inventory.

Warehouse Management
When the sales of the library, the administrator in the library on the item serial number column using a scanning gun to scan directly, when the preservation of the library when the system in the inventory automatically reduce the inventory of this product.

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