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Airport Self-service Kiosk printing Boarding Card
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-23 | Views:359

As we all know, it spends passengers much time to take the boarding card.

Recently, the new way about QR code is developed to solve this difficulty. And what is the working principle? Now Wood from Shenzhen Rakinda explains for you.

The passenger without any checked baggage do all of the service on the specified app on phone to make payment, choose the site, and then one electrical-QR code will be produced on phone, and then read this electrical-QR code before one kiosk and then print the boarding card; And then you takes all of the valid ID documents to wait for the air. That is all. Only move your figures, all things have been done.

Airport Self-service Kiosk printing Boarding Card

In the kiosk, there is embedded Qr code scanner module to auto-scan most of 2D Qr code and translate the data wirelessly, at the same time, the idea of “ Internet +” has developed fully. And this is the perfect cooperation between Internet, Data, and Internet of Things.

At present, this kiosk with the QR code scanner to achieve the dream of “ Easy Going ” has been used in Beijing, shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Airport Self-service Kiosk printing Boarding Card

Qr code has become more and more popular, and it is so convenient; the small square code including more information, when you scan it by the bar code reader, you will know all. And it is an excellent team for the connection between phone and Qr code.

We, Shenzhen Rakinda has specialized in IOT (Internet of Things ) for 17 years, and we has researched and developed LV4500 bar code scanner for this excellent team. Before the barcode appeared in the paper, the perfect scanner is LV3096 mini bar code reader; now for Phone Barcode, the perfect scanner is LV4500 Qr code readers. These readers are embedded in kiosk, turnstile and it works well with high performance.

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