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2D Barcode Reader used for Medical Tablets Widely
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-12 | Views:327

Barcode scanning engine is widely used in the field of automatic identification of the core recognition components, it is the bar code scanner secondary development of one of the key parts, with a complete independent bar code scanning and decoding functions, and can be written on demand in various industries Application function program, it has a small size, high integration, can be easily embedded into the mobile phone, tablet computer computers, printers, assembly line equipment, medical equipment, and other industries in the equipment.

lv3096 barcode scanner module

Barcode scanning module can be divided into one-dimensional code module and two-dimensional code module according to the scanning, according to the light source can be divided into laser module and red light module.

2D Barcode Reader used for Medical Tablets Widely,today, I will share with you 2D bar code reader module in the medical flat on the application case, I spent a month to successfully develop a Korean medical equipment manufacturers, customers quickly confirmed the 250 small orders for me , The customer arranged payment on Alibaba, there have been 2 times to the company during the negotiations, the whole process is very pleasant.


I volunteered on WhatsApp on February 5, 2017, told the customer that he had just started the second time, and had enough time to serve him, and slowly set out the client’s application project — a Saudi medical project , But also to convince the customer to their company previously done the project information sent to me, behind a more clear understanding of the customer’s strength and more project needs.


In February 10, 2017 I deliberately prepared to the staff of the Lantern Festival Tang Yuan told customers to share with customers so that our customers feel the culture and work atmosphere are great, due to price reasons, the customer after the parameters, and specifically asked LV2037 the performance, I opened the door recommended LV3096, followed by the side once again that their expectations of this cooperation, hope that through cooperation, have the opportunity to go to South Korea, chat very happy!


Through the effort, I finally won the customer


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