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Handheld PDA Barcode Scanner Terminal Industry Use
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-02 | Views:360

Handheld PDA barcode scanner terminal mainly used in power, electricity to pay, financial management, business over retail, logistics, delivery, medical industry, government utilities, manufacturing and other industries to provide mobile data collection equipment support.

Handheld PDA barcode scanner terminal

Handheld PDA barcode scanner terminal S2 have integrated bar code scanning, image acquisition, NFC reader function 4G full network in one set. Effectively meet the diverse needs of customers, information technology companies become the most reliable daily mobile handheld devices.

For the Handheld PDA barcode scanner terminal, Rakinda technical team to provide you with bar code scanning, RFID secondary development package, you can use the Android platform any secondary application package, the application development, and Rakinda equipped with a professional technical service support team, any development issues are available The team’s timely response, so that development has become simple and quick.

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