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Rakinda Seize The Two-dimensional Code To Pay Market Opportunities
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-26 | Views:356

With the rapid development of mobile Internet and smartphones, two-dimensional code payment has gradually become the future development trend. As one of the focus of the industry, such as basic necessities, two-dimensional code payment not only to subvert the traditional means of payment and mode but also to promote the public to payment habits and lifestyle changes. Shenzhen Rakinda conforms to the situation, the first to launch 4500 series of embedded mobile phone two-dimensional code payment scanning module, no doubt in the future competition once again seize the initiative to win first-mover advantage.

According to reports, Shenzhen Rakinda of independent research and development of embedded mobile phone two-dimensional code payment scanning module, using excellent decoding chip, for mobile phone screen code to read a special technical adjustment, even on the mobile phone screen is darker or brighter, can ensure Perfect scan one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code. Very suitable for bar code scanning hardware for self-sealing terminals, intelligent storage cabinets, subway channel gates, bus payment terminals.

mobile phone two-dimensional code payment scanning module

How does the two-dimensional code pay for the hardware?

Emerging intelligent applications will inevitably bring the development of related enterprises. To the public transport industry, for example, the production of public transport payment terminal manufacturers, due to understanding the two-dimensional code to pay the environment under the bus industry application needs, bus payment terminal in the user experience will have a more comprehensive consideration. In the recent Hangzhou, Wuhan, Jinan, Changsha and other urban public transport two-dimensional code payment project, the upgraded version of the bus payment terminals are embedded by the embedded scan module to integrate two-dimensional code payment function, at the same time, such terminals also support IC Card payment, fully meet the needs of users to diversify payment.

Two-dimensional code to pay the no-card, for the bus companies to expand Internet applications to provide the greater imagination. In addition to the direct bus two-dimensional code payment, and now some city transportation companies have been two-dimensional code self-recharge equipment of on the line, through the WeChat or pay treasure two-dimensional code to pay in the self-service machine for the bus card recharge. In addition, in the user experience, accustomed to Alipay, WeChat two-dimensional code to pay the passengers can feel more convenient to pay, and bus payment diversification for the government to promote convenience policy provide the help.

What are the fields where the two-dimensional code payment hardware is applied?

For the mobile phone Alipay bus code, payment code and WeChat payment code and other code system features, combined with the industry’s terminal equipment scanning hardware needs, Shenzhen Rakinda launched 4500 series embedded mobile phone two-dimensional code payment scanning module, very suitable for self-selling / Recharge / payment terminal, bus / subway scan payment terminal and other fields.

4500 series embedded mobile phone two-dimensional code payment scanning module

Internet giants to create two-dimensional code to pay for imagination while also stimulating the application of the two-dimensional code to pay the hardware value. With the deep development of two-dimensional code payment, various industry terminal manufacturers will use two-dimensional code to pay for hardware innovation changes, breaking the product itself to seek industry-specific limitations. The future, in the strong market demand for irrigation, Shenzhen rakinda up to two-dimensional code to pay the hardware will play a greater application value.

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