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Subway ticket machine embedded two-dimensional code scanning head can brush micro letter Alipay
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-03-31 | Views:470

Guangzhou subway station self-service ticket machine can brush Alipay payment! Recently, there are netizens broke the news, the latest configuration of the Guangzhou subway station self-service ticket machine to add two-dimensional code scanning head, with self-help ticket system, passengers can buy the ticket by Alipay payment.

It is reported that these self-help ticket machines in the integration of cash payments, bank cards on the basis of payment, the use of two-dimensional code payment technology and barcode automatic identification technology, through the embedded two-dimensional code scanning head and station self-service ticket system, Mobile payment Alipay, WeChat payment function to meet the needs of the public to pay a wide range of payments.

the self-service ticket machine

When a passenger buys a ticket, he chooses the required ticket (one-way ticket / one-day ticket / three-day ticket) on the self-service ticket machine screen, and the equipment will prompt the passenger to produce the pay code. Scan the window to scan, if scan the payment successful the ticket will be issued.


In addition to self-service tickets, sweep money payment, the subway station self-help ticket machine also supports sweeping tickets. Passengers through the mobile phone APP in advance tickets, access to two-dimensional code certificate. Air tickets, the phone ticket purchase two-dimensional code at the ticket machine scanning window brush about verification can be successful. It should be noted that the ticket machine embedded in the two-dimensional code scanning head is the Shenzhen rakinda of the best-selling one of the scanning module products, customers may inquire!

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