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Rakinda RD4100 scan terminal to start the conference scan in the new mode
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-03-28 | Views:382

Rakinda RD4100 scan code sign to the terminal and show his face! Recently, Shenzhen, an Internet company product launch to catch the “Internet +” trend, using the rakinda of the RD4100 scan phone two-dimensional code sign. Check the scene, the guests took out the phone call out the invitation code, in the RD4100 sweep sign to the terminal scan window gently brush, and instantly completed the sign.

RD4100 sweep mobile phone two-dimensional code ticket application, start the Internet era meeting ticket new model. Before the meeting, the organizers for the invitation to invite guests to develop a meeting to sign two-dimensional code, and sent to the guest phone or printed on the invitation letter; sign when using two-dimensional code recognition technology, through the RD4100 scan terminal and computer software system connection Identify the guest invitation code, and record various information in the database. Quick and easy operation, not only improve the check-in efficiency, reduce the difficulty of management, but also help enterprises to maximize the cost savings.

2d code meeting attendance

“This two-dimensional code sign way, greatly enhance the efficiency.” Field staff said that in the past through the form of manual registration of the number of participants; and now through the sweep sign, the guests sign the information automatically entered the database, through the background can be quickly Statistics out the results.

The editor noted that this RD4100 sweep billing invoice terminal shape rounded, large window scanning window, sweep code sign only a few seconds, by the scene many experienced players praise. At present, the product is fully promoted to the market, welcome customers to inquire!

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