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Intelligent logistics cabinet dedicated fixed barcode scanning module
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-03-20 | Views:395

Intelligent logistics cabinet is based on cloud computing and Internet of Things technology can items (express) to identify, temporary storage, monitoring and management equipment, combined with supporting operation and management software, constitute the intelligent self-mention terminal system, intelligent unified remote management, While a variety of information for integrated analysis and processing.

Usually courier in the intelligent logistics management system, enter the identity information to reach the intelligent logistics cabinet before the contact with the recipient, select the large and small any cabinet to store express mail and then enter the recipient’s mobile phone number, off the door to complete the deposit Piece operation. At the same time, the system automatically for the target user to send a reminder message, including pick code and courier information, the user at a convenient time to the smart courier pick up the pickup can be.

intelligent express delivery cabinet

So, intelligent express delivery cabinet how to achieve user self-cleaning scan pickup?

According to reports, intelligent logistics cabinet embedded fixed barcode scanning module, readable one-dimensional, two-dimensional barcode and mobile phone screen barcode information. Pickup, the user can receive the phone on the pickup code, in the intelligent logistics cabinet scanning window brush, verify the success can pick up.

This intelligent application, not only solve the logistics and distribution of the “second delivery” of the trouble, improve work efficiency, but also to maximize the protection of the customers and courier security and convenience.

As the Internet of Things brand enterprises, Shenzhen RAKINDA in particular the introduction of an LV4500 intelligent logistics cabinet dedicated fixed barcode scanning module. The module uses excellent decoding, lighting and optical technology can quickly read two-dimensional and one-dimensional barcode to provide users with a completely independent OEM application solutions; sealed shell in line with industry standards, waterproof and dustproof to provide reliable scanning performance. To meet a variety of industrial environments and harsh environments.

With excellent large windows, close-up fast scan performance, LV4500 fixed barcode scanning module in decoding and reading damaged barcode to provide users with excellent performance, fully meet the station in the intelligent express delivery cabinet applications.

Shenzhen RAKINDA is an automatic identification technology as the core of the Internet of things enterprises, over the years committed to providing customers with self-identification technology products and industry application solutions.

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