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The automatic detection solution of barcode automatic line
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-03-16 | Views:377

Shenzhen Rakinda industrial assembly line barcode automatic detection solution, the use of industrial fixed reading equipment to solve the barcode on the barcode self-detection problem, and by judging the different status of the barcode to control the pipeline start and stop, to achieve production line automation.


Program composition

First, the software system

Through the barcode automatic detection system for the production line code detection and judgment, lack of code or less code detection to ensure that the goods in the factory after the barcode 0 error.

Second, the hardware preparation

1, industrial reader: Shenzhen RAKINDA recommended the use of Cognex Data man fixed reader, used to read the barcode on the product line to save manpower and improve efficiency;

2, the software operation Display: Shenzhen RAKINDA recommended the use of POSLAB industrial touch screen for data input, storage, and display;

3, trigger and alarm device: the use of sensor products, trigger the scan; and read the barcode according to the different state of the signal;

barcode automatic detection system

In practical applications, inspector directly enters the current barcode to be tested and use this barcode as the benchmark barcode for scanning alignment, counting.

1, scancode detection is correct

When the product through the sensor, fixed reader scan comparison is correct, the indicator light green light, and record the correct barcode and time information.

2, scanning code detection error

When the sensor found that the fixed code reader can not scan the product barcode; red light, and automatically can not read the two-dimensional code products from the pipeline to remove; if this situation occurs three times in succession, the system in addition to the above-mentioned automatic operation, While the alarm sound and immediately stop running the pipeline automatically.


When the product through the sensor, but the fixed reader to scan the error barcode, the red indicator light and automatically read the wrong two-dimensional code products from the pipeline removed, while the system issued an alarm sound, automatically stop running the pipeline.


The detectors hear the alarm sound, according to the actual situation has been quickly processed, stop running under the line of products and record the relevant error barcode information.


Shenzhen RAKINDA is an automatic identification technology as the core of the Internet of things enterprises, over the years committed to providing customers with self-identification technology products and industry application solutions.

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