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The solution of Two - dimensional code access control system
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-03-10 | Views:398

There are many high-tech products with the development of the technology, and I’d like to introduce some interesting items.

In the past, access to your building and rooms would have been handled with traditional locks and keys. While this may have served its purpose at one time, managing the issuance and return of keys is very problematic. In cases where keys were not returned or lost the only solution was to change the lock on the door and issue a whole new set of keys. Modern electronic access control systems completely do away with these difficulties and make managing your entry points much easier all from a central point.

At the beginning of the password and card to biological fingerprint recognition to open the door to the recognition of the biological face with the iris. But we will develop the 2D barcode to open the door in access control system now. After all, the bar code is around us at any time, combining with our interests with the level of modern science and technology development. Such as mobile payment by scanning the code in pubic transport, turnstile, fixed assets inventory and so on in our daily life.


Why bar code?

1. There are many problems in traditional access control.

The traditional access control guard the door by the “mechanical lock”, users often need to use a special mechanical key to open the door, and it has the main problems. First of all, managers can not check the door effectively. They can not know who enters the door and get the relevant data at that time causing the potential security risk. Secondly, there are too many keys. Each door corresponds to a key, the members, with a large number of office, often need to match a large number of mechanical keys. Thirdly, it’s hard to carry. Generally, mechanical keys are metal, which will affect the look and make people uncomfortable if hang the metal keys on the waist or put into the pocket. Fourthly, it’s hard to control missing. If lost mechanical key, we could not prevent people who pick up from opening and stealing the door maliciously or other phenomena.


The benefits of the intelligent access control management

The system identify the device (card reader/ card, fingerprint / palm vein / face recognition device in any combination etc ), electric locks and door button to achieve control by the access controller. The staff can get through after verification. Channel door control function, electronic map monitoring function, offline operation function, abnormal alarm function, AB door function, fire linkage function. Management software monitor of the door state real-time, controlling person to access. And we can bring out the access control records as a basis for attendance to facilitate personnel management.


Application of the access control

Wired access control: it is used in traditional ordinary district

Wireless access control: it can enhance the application of office image by innovative technology

Biometric access control - fingerprint identification: it applies to smart building office / conference room door, villa door / room door, high-rise residential area door.

Biometric access control - Face recognition and palm vein recognition: it adapts to front desk access door in the intelligent building(for attendance).


 2D bar code scanning access control

The general sense of the access control system has been far from being able to meet the requirements of intelligent community management with the increasing awareness of property management modernization. In order to solve the problem, the building district launched a unique access control system in Shenzhen. You don’t need to be out of the door, it’s so convenient to get through the access control by reading a 2D bar code, no longer need to come back down and then tossing friends.

This is called intelligent access control system according to residential property owner. The owner bind the real name to get the 2D bar code by loading an APP. You can send the 2D bar code to get the door permissions if your friends or decoration workers visit. You can bind the door of the binding accurately, but also group the visitors according to the  decoration, courier and friends with setting the number of days permissions as long as download the APP by phone. Of course, it’s most convenient for the residents or the district to set up 2D bar code access control.


Principle of 2D bar code Scanning of the Access Control System

It’s convenient for the residents to apply to intelligent access control in the community, saving a lot of trouble. In order to meet the users’ needs of the mobile access and interaction experience of the access control system, the intelligent access control system is developed by Shenzhen Rakinda and the domestic first-class software integration through the access control in the RD4500I 2D code bar code scanner with increasing mobile APP reading code access control functions to improve the efficiency of property management and the region within the security level.


The instructions of scanning bar code to open the door 

The application relies on bar code automatic identification technology, the residents just need to read the 2D bar code in the scanning window to achieve a pass from the community to the door, to the building access control, and then to the users’ door. It is worth mentioning that the residents, make full use of the intelligent access control system code and the excellent reading performance of RD4500I 2D bar code scanner to get real-name certification and all comings and goings’ record of all the members in the process of scanning code verification,which can improve safety substantially in the district. With the increasing awareness of  users’ safety and insurance, the application will be used more and more widely in future.

 At present, this technology can also be applied to theaters, parks, tourist attractions, water parks, venues, bus terminals, parking, activities, such as the crowded temporary occasions. Consumers only need to come up with the 2D code paper or 2D code electronic votes that has been purchased and printed before scanning 2D code in the channel to verify and complete consumption to enter these occasions. The channel set one-way three roller gates, which allow the present person to exit and off-site person not to enter. Compared with the traditional manual inspection, the system saves manpower and material resources to solve traffic jams caused by large population effectively.

Using the original 2D code management technology to fill the "visitor management" of the blank in the building system management can achieve the real situation of the staff records and storage in the district and solve the problems of traditional access control such as "carrying inconvenience",”losing card”, cracked of security risks and controlling  the right of opening the door and so on at the same time. 

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