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Rakinda New Retail Unmanned Supermarket With Scanning Tech
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An important concept of the new retail is to break through the shackles of the traditional retail model and make up for the shortcomings of the traditional retail model. In the commercial industry, the offset of manual sales is obviously urgent. The new retail unmanned supermarket uses the billing system for quick scan settlement, which does not require manual operation. The customer scans the code to confirm the payment, and can check the bill at any time. You don't have to scan the barcodes in front of QR scanner 4500-20, you don't have to manually check the order, you don't need to manually change the zero, the small blue is high, the speed is fast, the zero is wrong, and the customer no longer has to worry about the long queue.
Rakinda New Retail Unmanned Supermarket With Scanning Tech
However, general stores do not have research and development capabilities and invest a large amount of money for rapid transformation and upgrading into smart unattended stores. The traditional retail industry wants to rely on its own transformation difficulties, so Rakinda as a QR code identification technology and new retail solutions The program is the core of the Internet of Things + Internet high-tech enterprises, helping more traditional retail stores to upgrade, but also built an unmanned supermarket for many customers, participated in several international exhibitions, using black technology as an example to attract all ages People experience the front desk, and colleagues also attracted Doka media to report.
Rakinda New Retail Unmanned Supermarket With Scanning Tech
Inside the unmanned supermarket, each item is tagged with an RFID electronic tag. When the settlement is made, the customer only needs to put the product in the product sensing area, and the computer screen changes back to display the settlement price, by sweeping the screen Alipay or the second line payment. The payment can be completed with the QR code. At the supermarket exit, customers can choose to scan or brush their faces to leave. The surrounding wireless sensors will automatically monitor the goods with barcodes. If the unpaid items are found to be automatically alarmed, the customer will not be able to open the door of the supermarket exit.

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