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Unmanned Store in Amusement Park
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Amusement park is an attractive place for children. They are eager to play here. Parents also like to take their children to play in amusement park for childhood is precious. When in the park, you will find the grownups and children busy in roller coaster, Ferris wheel, Flume Ride, etc. But parents often find that there is no store nearby. They can only go to street vendors to buy drinks. Food & drink safety can not be guaranteed. Due to this, people may say no when asked to go there the second time. 
Unmanned Store in Amusement Park
Shenzhen Rakinda can offer unmanned store solution for amusement park to solve this issue. 
Rakinda unmanned store can be realized based on original traditional sore or newly constructed in a new place. Shenzhen Rakinda self-service supermarket makes full usage of RFID, intelligent payment system, customers tracking system, and also combines face recognition technology, dual-passageway intelligent access control system for anti-tailing purpose. We can customize the design and choose different construction way flexibly according to customers’ request. The customized solution supports flexible construction without restriction by environment. This can reduce manufacturer cost, transportation cost and construction cost for customers. 

Unmanned sore can be realized in a short time. 
1.Shopping Process 
1. Register as a member by scanning the qr code with Wechat App and enter the store by showing the qr code on the smartphone screen or face recognition;
2. Picking up the merchandise 
3. Put the merchandise on the self-service checkout desk, finish payment by scanning QR code and exit after detection 
2. Rakinda Unmanned Store Solution Upgrade 
1. Big data analyze: analyze customers’ physiological characteristics together with their consuming behavior to know more about customers’ preference and attitude. Send amusement park activity news through Wechat public account and attract more customers to come; 
2. Auto-check inventory: based on RFID and weight sense technology, check the inventory automatically and place the order automatically to supplier to guarantee supply;
3. Dynamic pricing: dynamic pricing based on time and sales volume;
4. Intelligent manufacturing: arrange manufacturing schedule according to hot sells according to big data analysis;
5. Share data between manufacturers. 
rakinda Unmanned Store
Shenzhen Rakinda self-service store has been opened in Taiyuan, Zhejiang, Huangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen. We have cooperated with many well-known retail companies to open unmanned sores. If you are interested, pls kindly contact us. We will offer you low cost, high-performance solution. 
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