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QR Code Payment and Access Control in Self-service Bookstore
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-06-27 | Views:306
The self-service bookstore with QR code payment and access control system is online! A few days ago, an unmanned bookstore in China was conducting a public beta test. The buyers used Mobile WeChat to pay for the book to obtain a QR code payment voucher, which was then used to scan through the QR scan area of the smart gate.

According to reports, the unmanned bookstore is based on the WeChat applet and combines the smart gate two-dimensional code access control system to provide readers with a one-stop convenience service of “selecting books, buying books, and customs clearance”. Through the designated WeChat applet of unmanned bookstores, readers can self-scan book barcodes to add shopping carts, and online payment can be used to obtain the QR code payment voucher, and then scan the QR code payment voucher on the scan code scanning area for verification and clearance.
QR Code Payment and Access Control in Self-service Bookstore
Compared with the traditional bookstore purchase model, no one bookstore self-help code to purchase books, eliminating the need for readers to wait in line for payment, even when the reader is still in front of the bookshelf, you can immediately buy the book. In addition, the smart gate access control embedded in the QR code scanner, combined with the unmanned bookstore access control system, to bring readers a new fast scan code clearance customs intelligence access control experience.

It is worth mentioning that the QR code access terminal of the smart gate in the market is now using the Shenzhen Rakinda 4500 series 2D fixed mount scanner. This product is specially designed for mobile phone screen code reading. Even in the case of low battery power, mobile phone screen film, color bar code, etc., it can easily complete the bar code reading. If you are interested in such products, please feel free to send the inquiry!
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