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The 2D barcode scanner module supports the bookstore robot to check
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-04-17 | Views:1238

With the development of 2D barcode technology, more and more robot manufacturers have also introduced barcode scanning technology, the two-dimensional code scanner embedded in the intelligent robot, the perfect combination of barcode technology and scientific and technological elements.A bookstore in suzhou has such a robot, intelligent robot equipped with two-dimensional code scanning module to search for books, books, checkout and other businesses become more flexible and convenient.

It is understood that the reader friends after choose the books into the checkout link, through the 2D barcode scanner or QR code scanner, intelligent robots will scan the membership card for identification, then scanning the books bar code immediately proceed to checkout, readers need to open the alipay or WeChat payment code can be a brush in the barcode scanning window payment, do not need to line up all the way, buy books easily and quickly.

 code scanner embedded in the intelligent robot2D barcode scanner module

Rakinda has been devoting to IOT solution since 2000, can provide both scanning hardware or software solution. 

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