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Application of Bar Code Technology in Appliance Manufacturing
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-08-14 | Views:249
Barcode technology, as part of the automatic identification technology, is an automatic identification technology widely used in computer applications and practice, which applied to the business, postal, library management, warehousing, industrial production process control, transportation and other fields. It has the advantages of fast input speed, high accuracy, low cost and high reliability, and it plays an important role in automatic identification technology now. 

At present, Chinese enterprises have already had a certain knowledge of the application of automatic identification technology. In addition to the bar code has been widely used in the retail industry, such as Haier, Founder Group and other manufacturing companies also use bar code in process of production and transportation based on the technology logistics tracking technology. In fact, in order to provide customers with satisfactory products and services by improving their core competitiveness in the case of companies.

Product barcode application combined with bar code technology and computer information management is prepared for the comprehensive informationization and entry into the electronic age. Based on product barcode application, enterprises can efficiently manage product material preparation, production process, sales circulation and after-sales service.
Application of Bar Code Technology in Appliance Manufacturing
It can improve the efficiency of production operations
Optimize the production process to make the production process more responsive to agile production requirements.
Through the real-time data collection in the production process, the electronic operation of the on-site operation is realized, and the production process management control is completed.

A SN (Serial Number) barcode label is attached to each product. The SN number is used as the unique identifier of the product to track the entire process from product launch, production, offline, and storage to product sales to the customer.

Rakinda has rich experience and products in the field of bar code recognition. According to the functional requirements, Rakinda owned the embedded LV1000R and LV3000U fixed mount 2d code scanner to enhance the code scanning experience. These two items are IP54 with industrial casing. If have any interests, welcome to contact us.
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