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Barcode Scanner Implements Self-service of Delicious Coffee
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-22 | Views:703

For coffee lovers, the basic need for a smart coffee machine is to make a tasty coffee. The coffee machine that does not guarantee the pure taste is not intelligentized naturally. In the smart coffee machine solution of RAKINDA company, LV3296 2d barcode scanner module is embedded into the coffee machine equipment to realize automatic identification, acquisition, and real-time transmission. Fill your favorite “coffee recipe” with your mobile phone APP, including “the temperature of the water”,”the amount and variety of the beans”,”whether need sugar”, you can mix it by yourself. Finally, a mobile screen QR code is generated, which contains the information of “the coffee you have prepared”. After the LV3296 barcode reader module reading the screen qr code, the coffee machine can make delicious coffee. Ensure the user’s strict requirements for the taste of coffee and it realizes the intelligent and automatic.

Barcode Scanner Implements Self-service of Delicious Coffee

What is a good small 2d barcode scanner to recommend for the smart coffee machine?
LV3296 barcode scan engine has a interface is TTL232 and it weighs only 5 grams and fits easily into even the most space-constrained pieces of equipment and the small size such as data collectors, ticket validators, smart coffee machine,smart microwave oven, smart bread machine.Low current draw of the devices allows the modules to be integrated with minimal mechanical modifications.The LV3296 OEM scan engine also features an industrial grade sensor with no moving parts to wear out and the product is carefully designed based on years of industry knowledge for easy integration into OEM devices.

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