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Have You Ever Seen Barcode Scanner Module in House Appliance?
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Nowadays, barcode scanner module can be seen even in-house appliances. For example, refrigerator can scan barcode automatically for “replenishment”, very convenient. Besides, some appliance manufacturers are working with computer companies such as Microsoft to develop smart kitchen appliances.

Designers have come to think of using computer technology in the refrigerator so that it can connect to the Internet. For example, if there is a barcode reader in the refrigerator when people put the food into the refrigerator, they scan the bar code, so that the refrigerator “remembered” inventory. When the inventory reduced to a certain extent, the refrigerator will automatically order food at the online store set by the user. You can also install a projector on the fridge and show the videos of how to cook food on the kitchen walls.

Have You Ever Seen Barcode Scanner Module in House Appliance?

In the “Microsoft Kitchen” conceived by the designer, an electronic touch screen is installed on the kitchen wall. When you tap the display, it will show the calendar and prompt you for what you need to do. It also shows weather information. When the phone rings, the phone number can also be displayed on this touchscreen.

More and more advanced kitchen appliances make it easier for people to cook their food. According to the designers’ ideas, after 20 years, the kitchen will not only become more convenient but also have the environmental protection features.
What barcode scan engine do we suggest for such application? Rakinda LV12 1D barcode scanner is good solution. Due to its multi-interface, USB, RS232, and KB, this scanner is easy for mounting. And it is compatible with different operating systems.

lv12 2d barcode scanner

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