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Smart Building Barcode Reader
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-29 | Views:896

Excellence Group’s Shenzhen Times Square, Excellence Center, Excellence Building, etc. are in the original access control system under the transformation, enhance the access control system to open the door, operating O2O more effort.

Smart Building Barcode Reader

1, security: the traditional access control card does not recognize people, the safety factor is not high, the background is difficult to manage.

2, convenience: need to go to work every day to open the door, temporary visitors need to go front desk and use card to check out. The process is cumbersome.

3, O2O operation difficult: office staff mobility, crowd concentration, the potential commercial value has been favored, whether it is their own property services to enhance the surrounding food and beverage, leisure and other operational value are to be excavated.

Solution: “make the opening of the office smart door access upgrade program”

Effect after use smart building QR code scanner:
1, the building staff can scan barcode to check in and out. They can also install the excellent “O +” APP, shake through the phone or APP click in and out;

2, The 2D code improves the quality of office space, visitors barrier-free access, and identity and access time and full record, security property without confirmation, and ensure satisfaction;

RD4500I barcode scanner module

2D barcode reader
3, high-end VIP customers visit, the property can provide VIP visitor services, enhancing the quality of service within the building;

4, the barcode scanner can be embedded, and does not affect the appearance (equipment can be concealed);

5, just need to facilitate: brings great convenience to staff and visitors, even if you forget the card, you can also pass;

6, to achieve O2O promotion, increase the amount of users, enhance the use of sticky. APP “O +”

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