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Improve the Library RFID Application to Realize Intelligent Management
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-09-04 | Views:194
Rakinda handheld PDA with barcode and RFID reading function is a good solution for library inventory management. The systematic use of RFID technology in the library industry greatly increased the efficiency of library work and service level.
Improve the Library RFID Application to Realize Intelligent Management
1.Improve the efficiency of book lending.
When traditional barcode and magnetic stripe technology borrow and return books, staff still need to open the book title page and find the barcode before scanning, which is less efficient. After using RFID technology, RFID smart labels to non-contact read read, and with the aid of collision function of RFID technology, can to read more books and recognition at the same time, so as to improve the efficiency and borrowed the reader reception capacity.

2.Realize quick inventory and strengthen collection management.
Through the position information of the book into the RFID system, the staff in the process of the whole aircraft daily patrol can using handheld reader, disorderly frame of book information in time, which make it quite easily bent, the whole frame.
In addition, the use of RFID technology can also simplify the book management personnel's book inventory work.

3.Strengthen anti-theft monitoring.
The traditional magnetic stripe anti-theft system often appears such as false alarm. And RFID access control system can be judged through the integration of the reader to check whether there is violations or borrowing recorded missing books, and then determine whether to make alarm action, reduce the non-response rates and the rate of false positives.
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