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Barcode Scanner and PDA Improves Efficiency of Logistics
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-05-25 | Views:361
Last one hundred meters: express is generally described as a "door to door" service, but at the end of the actual distribution, such as community safety constraints or Courier delivery time is tight, often at the end of the last shipping cannot meet the "door to door" service standards, this is the express industry and citizens "last one hundred meters" problem. Rakinda LV1000 scanner module and LV3296 barcode scanner are different ways to embed into the mobile PDA Scanner for 1D/2D scanning. 

In order to solve this "last 100 meters", many express companies cooperated with businesses around the neighborhood to set up and receive express service points.

Current Problems:
1. Failed to receive the piece, the express unit is lost.
2. The express item is placed in the property, and the owner often takes the wrong one.
3. The Courier doesn't say hello and puts the express in the shop.
4. Send one express to two or three times.
5. Some communities are not allowed to enter.
 embed into the mobile PDA Scanner for 1D/2D scanning     
Solution: Multiple express enterprises join together to provide distribution service in a small area so that one store can pack a community and serve all the express items in the community. Through the logistics industry terminal, the customer's electronic information flow, realize the joint distribution.

There are two benefits: firstly, convenient to send a piece, as long as send the express to the nearest 100 meters store, the rest of the matter will be handed over to the last 100 meters. Secondly, convenient receipt, when none of the customers at home or not convenient to sign for express mail, may be required to Courier express to store keeping community since the last 100 meters, convenient community residents to choose time at any time since. Rakinda has different solutions for you: Android PDA for Logistics, inventory, medical, etc. S3 pda barcode scanner from Rakinda is a good choice.

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