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Rakinda Handheld Android Barcode Reader
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-02-02 | Views:521

With the development of technology, PDA becomes more and more popular.
I would like to introduce Rakinda S2 Barcode Scanner for you. One of my Israel Custom use our Android Rakinda Handheld Reader for their test project.
Their request about this PDA is as follows: one is with NFC reader; two is with qr code reader; three is with 2 million pixel camera to take clear picture; four is when the scanner works, the keyboard is available.

On the request, we recommend Android 5.1 S2 PDA for this project. Firstly, as for this PDA, NFC can be used non contact smart card / smart card reader terminal and data transmission between devices. Secondly, this PDA is with professional qr code reader, supporting 1D 2D scanning. Thirdly, it is with two camera; rear camera–13 million pixel high definition, autofocus, auto flash and 2 million pixel front camera. What is the important, when the scan reading barcode, the keyboard is working; for example, open one website, when you scan the barcode, the information will be shown in the Input, at this time, you can input information at will by keyboard.

Rakinda Handheld Android Barcode Reader

And this handheld barcode reader with laser aiming is with IP65, and RAM is 2G, ROM is 16G, user storage extensions is maximum to 30G; and the battery capacity is 3600mAh. It weights 183g.

And it is perfect to warehouse, shop, retail, bookstore. It is used widely.
Any interest in this handheld android barcode reader, please feel free to contact Rakinda, the 17-year supplier of the barcode reader module.

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