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Wireless PDA Terminal Used In Retail Supermarkets
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Barcode information can contain producer, manufacturer, product name, production date, category and many other information. Thus, in the circulation of commodities, library management, postal management, the banking system and many other fields, barcodes are widely used.

The circulation of goods in the supermarket includes: receiving, enter warehouse, inventory, out warehouse, check, sales, inventory again,etc.

Wireless PDA Terminal Used In Retail Supermarkets

1.Receiving of goods: the employee of the receiving department takes the wireless PDA terminal, and the goods name, quantity and number of goods to be collected on the wireless PDA terminal connected to the host by wireless network. By scanning the barcode of the goods and confirming the number of the goods, the wireless PDA terminal can immediately show whether the goods meet the requirements of the order. If so, they will send the goods to the “warehousing procedure”.

2.Enter and out warehouse: inbound and outbound is actually the warehouse department and repeat the above steps, to increase this step are just for the convenience of management.The implementation of various departments of responsibility also can prevent some chaos for the goods go into the mall directly and not enter the warehouse after receiving.

3.Inventory: the warehousing is the most important process in the warehouse department. The warehouse department employee holds a wireless barcode scanner terminal and scans the barcode of the item,then confirms the number of the goods. All data is transmitted to the host in real-time through the wireless network.

4.Check the price: check the price is a tedious task in the supermarket. Chaos is also likely to occur because the goods often have price adjustments. So the assistant is wireless PDA terminal and small wireless barcode printer.Checking the change information of the goods according to the host data on the wireless PDA terminal. If there is a change in the price of a product,the wireless barcode printer will immediately print out a new bar code label after re-editing the bar code label in the PDA terminal,and then the salesperson will attach a new product label to the shelf or merchandise.

5.Sales: a key link in supermarket transaction is the sale of the product, which is mainly identified through retail POS terminal.
Note: the bar code label must be of high quality. First, it is convenient for the salesman to read the bar code by the barcode scanner guns and improve the work efficiency. The second is to prevent customers from putting the low price tag on the high-priced goods, resulting in the loss of capital.

6.Inventory again: taking inventory is an important means of collecting data in supermarkets, which is also essential for supermarkets.
The warehouse keeper can use the wireless PDA terminal to scan the item information on the designated shelf according to the host instructions transmitted over the wireless network. After the handheld PDA terminal recording the commodity information, the commodity information will be transmitted to the host by wireless PDA terminal, and the host will conduct data analysis. This is the process of checking the quantity of goods, preparing for the future.

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