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PDA for Population Survey
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Why use PDA for population survey?
Handheld android PDA usually uses the stylus as the input device, memory card as external storage medium. In wireless transmission, PDA uses GPRS wireless Internet, you can always communicate with the server and other PDA, access to information in a timely manner. Many PDAs are also capable of GPS global positioning system. In addition, PDA has an upgraded operating system and external expansion capabilities. Third-party applications for PDA are installed in RAM memory and can be updated with network functions. Because of its small size, lightweight, easy to carry, flexible operation, powerful and many other advantages, PDA application in sampling data collection was gradually promoted.

PDA for Population Survey

In the past, the traditional mode of registration of population census was a special census officer of the government organization. Fill in the survey site manually, and then back to the office again re-recorded to the computer system. As a result of scattered living and unclear information of the respondents, investigators repeatedly run the phenomenon, resulting in poor timeliness and lack of liveliness of the data collected. Data acquisition requires secondary registration, which is extremely easy to register, low efficiency.

PDA for Population Survey

Survey stage: For the households who chose Android PDA barcode scanner survey in the final stage, the investigators fill in the information of the survey respondents on the electronic questionnaire in the PDA and conduct the timely audit to correct mistakes on the spot. Then use the GPRS network to wirelessly transmit the questionnaire to the database, at the same time start GPS satellite positioning system, the geographic coordinates of the survey object is uploaded to the geographic information base. Data processing center from the system can be found on the network all investigators use PDA terminal access to information in order to keep abreast of the work of investigators. In the course of the investigation, the data processing center may at any time release the new order to the first-line investigators to ensure the efficient implementation of the work.

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