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Supermarket Barcode Scanner Solution
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Barcode technology in the modern Supermarket Barcode Scanner Solution has been widely used, and it has become an indispensable part of modern supermarket management. The use of barcodes is mainly reflected in the following places: the management of commodity circulation, customer management, supplier management, staff management. Commodity circulation in the supermarket includes receiving, warehousing, warehousing, storage, price check, sales, inventory, etc.

Supermarket Barcode Scanner Solution

Receiving: Receiving Department staff holding a wireless handheld terminal, through the wireless network connected with the host wireless handheld terminal has received the goods to be the name, quantity, item number and other information by scanning the barcode of the goods to confirm the item number, Then enter the quantity of this cargo, the wireless handheld terminal can immediately show whether the goods meet the requirements of the order. If compliance, then puts the goods in the storage step.

Storage and delivery: Storage and delivery is actually the warehouse department to repeat the above steps to increase this step are only for the convenience of management, the implementation of the responsibilities of various departments, but also to prevent some goods after receiving the need to go directly to the mall without storage the resulting mess.

Supermarket Barcode Scanner Solution

Inventory warehouse: Inventory warehouse is the most important warehouse department, but also the most necessary process. Warehouse staff hand-held wireless mobile terminal scan the barcode of goods, confirm the item number. All data is transmitted to the host in real time over the wireless network.

Price Inquiry: Check price is a tedious task in the supermarket. Because the goods often have specials or adjustments, the chaos is also prone to occur, so the salesman portable wireless terminal, waist hanging small barcode printer, according to the wireless handheld barcode scanner terminal host data check the changes of goods, the strain has not changed Goods, immediately connected to a small mobile phone through a wireless terminal to print the new barcode label, affixed to the shelf or goods.

Sales: Sales has always been the lifeblood of the supermarket, mainly through the POS system to identify the product barcode, and reflect the equivalent exchange. Inventory: Inventory is an important means of collecting data in the supermarket, but also an essential part of the supermarket.

Rakinda provides all kinds of barcode reader module for the supermarket, including payment scanner, inventory checking device, POS terminal, etc.

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