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The Spread Using of Handheld Barcode Scanner
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The handheld barcode scanner is also can be called as PDA barcode scanner, or Bluetooth barcode scanner, it is an easy-to-carry data processing terminal machine having the following characteristics.1, with data storage and computing power (generally refers to the operating system). 2, there is the man-machine interface, in particular, have to display and input functions. 3, the machine itself with a battery, you can use the battery work. The handheld barcode scanner can be divided into the following categories: barcode handheld, RFID handheld, fingerprint handheld, ultra-high frequency explosion-proof handheld.

Barcode Scanner Handheld and 2D Barcode Scanner Handsets (2D Barcode Scanner Handsets Compatible One-dimensional Barcode Scanning). Barcode handheld reader is the most important indicators of procurement, barcode scanning handheld reader used to read the head of Motorola, stable performance, is currently on the market the most cost-effective reading head.

The Spread Using of Handheld Barcode Scanner

RFID handsets
Fingerprint handset is a handset with fingerprint acquisition and recognition function. Fingerprint handset in addition to fingerprint identification function, but also has a wireless data transmission function, GPS positioning function, barcode scanning function. Mainly used in the field of high-security requirements. Such as finance, banking and so on.

Explosion-proof handheld ultra-high frequency explosion-proof handheld device is the biggest advantage of explosion-proof, through the national explosion-proof certification, ultra-high frequency handheld machine is a multi-functional RFID handheld terminal equipment, able to read and write UHF RFID tags , Can also read one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, low frequency, high frequency, high frequency tags, and through the national explosion-proof certification, with data storage and computing capabilities, and other equipment for data communication, man-machine interface, Has the function of display and input.

Rakinda S2 BARCODE SCANNER PDA is an Industrial Android PDA, Support international general one-dimensional barcode, such as Code 39,Code 128,Code 93,EAN8,EAN13,UPC-A,UPC-E,Codabar,Interleaved 2 of 5.Support 2D scanning Support international general two-dimensional bar code ,such as QR,PDF417,DataMatrix,MaxiCode. It also has the high standard of Waterproof and dust proof IP65. In a word, it’s really a Cost-effective product in the ear of the internet.

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