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Rakinda LV3096 Series Bar Code Scan Engine
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Barcode makes people’s life becomes easier. And with the development of barcode, barcode scan engines becomes popular. Barcode reader is to decode and transfer the information of barcode.

As for the handheld device, the mini scanners are perfect. As for the golden supplier in this field, Rakinda researches LV3096 mini readers. These infrared scanners are able to read most of 1D and 2D barcode (DM code, PDF417 code, Qr code ). What is more, it takes the place of Motorola SE955 seamlessly. And there are three parts in this scanners, one is the Red LED light working for 100,000 hours; two is the camera to take the picture of barcode; three is the decoder chip to decode the bar code fast.

Rakinda LV3096 Series Bar Code Scan Engine

Rakinda also develops LV3396 laser barcode readers in order to meet different request on the market.
LV3396 scan engine is with cross laser LED light; LV3096 bar code reader is with round infrared LED light; LV3396 QR code readers are able to read small and concentrated 2D code fast. Their size is 21.17*14.6*11.5mm; it weights 5g.

In my company, there is one handheld Bluetooth scanner–LVB01A; it reads 1D barcode, 2D barcode, RFID label, UHF label. The core scanner in this handheld scanner is LV3396 scanners and LV3296 readers.

If you have any request about barcode readers, please feel free to contact us. We will offer you professional suggestion.

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