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Long Range PDA to Container Barcode
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Anhar ali is coming from Arab to find the long-range PDA which can scan the warehouse container barcode at a long distance.

And he found Rakinda Technology.
According to Anhar: there are a lot of big warehouses in Arab, and Anhar has many clients. Sometimes, the big containers just stand one by one, some of them will be even 30 feets. If the workers just use the normal PDA to scan the container barcode, they may need to clime to ladder and then scan the barcode. It’s just ridiculous and wasting labor.

So Anhar wanted to find the long-range barcode scanner PDA to help his project and service more clients.

After hearing about Anhar project, we showed him about the mid-long distance PDA scanner and made the test, and Anhar wanted the longer range, so we recommended the long-range PDA which can scan 15 meters long distance.

Long Range PDA to Container Barcode

It is just like the long range gun and helps you to scan the barcode in a high place.

After the function testing, Anhar still told us his project details and he wanted the Android barcode scanner, and our product has WinCE system and android system, so Anhar chose the android for his project.

Long Range PDA to Container Barcode

Anhar told us his client project details to use this PDA.
Such as the :
A.Warehousing management
Porter (or forklift driver) only need to scan the label on the material box to be stored and the label to prepare the shelf for this box.

Warehousing can be divided into indirect and direct storage:
Indirect storage: the material stacked in any vacancy, the barcode scanning to record its address;
Direct storage refers to the storage of a class of goods in the designated shelves. Through the storage management, we establish a record for each material box and its storage location.

B.Feeding management
C.Extraction: According to the ingredients task, from the warehouse to extract raw materials and semi-finished products.

The process is as follows:
The staff used the portable bar code data terminal to scan the input batch task barcode number.
The terminal shows which raw materials and semi-finished products are assigned to this task where they are stored.
The picker receives the material and scans its identification number for verification.
The system records the material being submitted and creates a tracking file.

D. Sales out of the library management
The picking operation should be combined with the order of the goods of the same customer. The order will be decomposed into units by box, or by batch, pallets full load capacity as a unit, according to special circumstances or containers to determine the loading operation.

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