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Handheld PDA for Medical Project
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Golf is coming from Thailand, and this time is his first time to China and make the negotiation with rakinda company for the handheld PDA for his medical project.

Let see his project firstly :
Patient bedside information system rakinda handheld PDA management approach in ward of a hospital.

When the nurses take up the rakinda handheld PDA and go into the interface of the doctor’s management system, to participate in the implementation of the doctor’s advice and charges related to the operation and other instructions,the nurse has the right to enter the system management mode to perform certain operations that only have special authorization to do that, such as test instructions, use the password or fingerprint to unlock the PDA and so on.

S2 PLUS Handheld PDA for Medical Project

Considering the safety problem, there is one important point which must be noticed :(PDA is only used for patient bedside information system applications. No one may install the software on the android barcode scanner PDA without the permission of the Information Administration.)

The nurse can suspend the use of the PDA if the program is abnormal or the problem occurs during the execution of the procedure. The problem will be promptly reported to the hospital information management office for processing or procedural changes.

Handheld PDA for Medical Project

Application effectiveness:

1.Improve the efficiency of nursing staff and work quality, standardize the nursing process.

2.Help to improve the level of healthcare, improve service quality and patient satisfaction.

3.Improve the hospital’s information technology, enhance the overall level of hospital information. Besides, the hospital impression has also been improved.

4.To facilitate the supervision and management of nursing staff, it is conducive to promoting the optimal allocation of hospital care staff to enhance the management level of the hospital.

5.Professional, standardized, unified nursing instruments can reduce the workload of nurses and improve the hospital’s management level.

Handheld PDA for Medical Project

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