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2D Barcode Scan Engine for Handheld PDA and Mobile POS
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2D barcode scan engine is one of the most important part of handheld PDA. Nowadays, it is more and more preferred by mobile POS terminal designers, since the mobile payment by phone QR code is more and more liked by young people, which is driven by some third party of payment such as Alipay and Wechat.

2D Barcode Scan Engine for Handheld PDA and Mobile POS

For projects like handheld PDA or mobile POS, the barcode scanner module must be very small and compact, so the engine with TTL232 interface is a good choice. For handheld PDAs to be used for warehouse and inventory management, we suggest Rakinda LV3396 2d barcode scanner, since it has highly visible laser aiming and longer reading distance than normal 2d scanner module. Below picture shows a aiming of LV3396. The LV3396 contains a laser aimer that produces a cross hair aiming pattern to help the user to easily
position the target barcode within the engine’s field of view to increase scan efficiency. The aiming pattern can be turned On or Off. It is advisable to turn it on when scanning barcodes.

LV3396 barcode scanner module

For the reading mode of handheld PDA, the commonly used is manual trigger reading, which means when you need to scan, you need trigger the button on the PDA. Another commonly used reading mode of the scanner is command control, which means if you want to read, you should sent a command to trigger the scanner to read.

Below is the interface definition of LV3396.

interface definition of LV3396 barcode scanner moduleinterface definition of LV3396 barcode scanner module

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