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Android Barcode Scanner Used in Workshop Management
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-04-09 | Views:568
Android barcode scanner PDA used in workshop management can improve the efficiency of operations.At present,we are talking about intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing has a lot of content, the data acquisition of workshop operation is to achieve the basis of intelligent manufacturing. If you do not have this foundation, intelligent manufacturing is not realized.

In some machining industries, you need to manage a lot number of products, that is,each product must be identified.There is a huge amount of data, the traditional model of data acquisition is difficulties,reporting information is not timely is a difficult point in workshop management.The use of android PDA added barcode reader as new technology,it can solve this problem.

Android Barcode Scanner Application:

In the conventional MES workshop management based on the mobile application MA Server,the scene through the wireless connecting android PDA with barcode scanner and RFID,to achieve staff posts,production completed,process convergence,product storage,abnormal quality reporting, shutdown reporting,maintenance reporting in workshop operations.It completely changed the workshop mode of operation and improving the efficiency and timeliness of the workshop.

Android barcode scanner PDA

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