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Urban Distribution Logistics Management Plus PDA S3
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-08-30 | Views:197
First, customer needs:
Driven by new retail sales, customers in the retail chain, catering business, home improvement building materials, e-commerce clothing and other industries are increasingly demanding urban distribution. According to statistics, the size of the national urban distribution market in 2016 was as high as 100 billion, equivalent to two to three times that of the express delivery industry. However, the end logistics distribution has many characteristics such as many links, wide service scope and complicated distribution lines, which makes the contradiction of the end of the city's logistics distribution capacity very prominent, which has seriously restricted the efficient operation of the entire logistics system. How to achieve high efficiency, low cost, and process visual distribution has become a difficult point in urban distribution management challenges.

Second, the program overview
Rakinda Distribution Logistics Management Plan” uses mobile intelligent handset as the data storage carrier, from the delivery of goods, sorting and loading, cargo transportation, task distribution to distribution staff, picking and delivery, the entire distribution chain can pass After the mobile intelligent terminal completes the operation, the driver can complete the delivery task according to the optimal transportation plan route instruction provided by the system, and timely return the real-time delivery information such as the in-transit situation, the cargo damage rate and the abnormal situation, and the management personnel can also track the order delivery status and realize the status,which is very efficient and accurate to visual supervision.
Urban Distribution Logistics Management Plus PDA S3
Third, the program flow
1. Receipt of goods: After the customer places an order, the system will push the customer's name, phone number, and delivery address to the driver's mobile intelligent terminal. The driver will arrive at the customer's designated address and can be weighed on site, and use the smart terminal to open the order and print the label. , scan the label to verify the receipt.
2, unloading into the warehouse: the driver arrives at the distribution center to unload the goods, scan the goods label to confirm the storage.
3. Sorting out the warehouse: Scan the label through the mobile intelligent terminal, sort and sort according to the customer's delivery city, and confirm the warehouse.
4. Intelligent loading: The driver loads the goods according to the customer's delivery time, address and cargo type according to the customer's delivery time, address and cargo type.
5. Distribution and transportation: Before delivery, the driver can download the optimal delivery route to the mobile intelligent terminal through the system; during the delivery, the driver can return the goods in transit in real time, and the intelligent terminal can automatically calculate the delivery cost according to the latest delivery status, and the driver can pass the The intelligent terminal receives the temporary receiving task and performs the nearest receipt.
6. Scan code collection, electronic signature: After arriving at the delivery/receipt address, confirm the goods delivery and receipt through the mobile smart payment terminal scanning label, and upload it in real time. You can also collect the payment by mobile smart payment terminal and reject the return and have confirmation of the installation and commissioning of special products.

Fourth, the product recommendation
Rakinda PDA S3 as a 4G all Netcom industry terminals can meet the industry market demand for composite. A single full support for telecommunications, China Unicom, mobile 2G / 3G / 4G network, the hardware no need to change with 3.5-inch mainstream high-definition screen and multi-touch capacitive screen, perfect image can support the needs of different users and support 1d &2d barcode scanning, accurate collection of various types of bar code data; support NFC function to meet the mobile payment security applications; reserved extended function to meet the needs of different industries. 

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