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The Application Warehouse Data Collector
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-07-12 | Views:238
Rakinda PDA data collector,with NFC RFID, 2D and 1D barcode scanner is the best choice for warehouse inventory. 
 s2 pda barcode scanner for warehouse
For large chain retail enterprise warehouse management, the traditional management way is mainly manual bookkeeping for stock-taking, large workload of operation and tedious, time-consuming, and human factors lead to inaccurate inventory data, wrong plate, plate, and so on and so forth, and the traditional inventory cannot share data real-time transmission, inventory difference comparison, lead to increased difficulties of management.How to use information technology to solve the problem of long time and low accuracy of warehousing inventory is a challenge for large storage industry.
s2 plus pda data collector with IP68
With the development of digital information technology, warehousing inventory is no longer a problem, and the application of barcode technology in PDA data collector solves the problem of difficult warehouse management and heavy workload.The scheme mainly provide the warehouse receipt validation picking, delivery and store management, high efficiency, high speed through the PDA data collector scans picking operation, inventory information in real time record, ensure goods warehouse transfer in the process of information acquisition precision, reduce the efficiency of manual operation and the error rate;Use of wireless network data in the form of interaction, through the data access control, data processing has perfect error correction mechanism, be able to deal with the differences between data, timely detection and data processing mechanism with flexible....

The market at present most popular wireless data terminal warehouse Rakinda  S2,S2-plus PDA barcode scanner with IP67, in-out warehouse data collector, integrated high sensitivity antenna signal reception ability is strong, strong anti-jamming capability etc, is to improve the efficiency of the warehouse inventory of the ideal partner!
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